Restaurant APADANA
Mauritiussteinweg 53 50676 Köln
Tel. 0221-9231666 _ Mobile: 0163-apadana (2723262)

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Dip.Ing Mashallah Mashallah Owzar

Machalah Owzar was born 1950 in Tehran. Its father was a manufacturer of motorbus bodies in Iran. Production was stopped end of the fifties, after one had changed over to buy completely installed penalty abroad. In the future its father emigrated to Germany and created one of the first Perserteppich business, first in Hamburg then in Cologne. The family pulled few years tight later.

Already since its early youth enthusiastically by technical things Machalah Owzar locked first teachings as a Fernsehtechniker and visited thereafter the technical academy in Cologne. Also many youth friends pulled in the following years to Cologne and met one each weekend in such a way celebrated themselves, made music and danced into the morning hours. The clique was often addressed by German friends, why one does not hold these celebrations within a still larger framework. Thus the idea was born to open a Persian restaurant.

1978 created Machalah and its brother with two further friends the restaurant club Caspian that over many years a meeting place for Germans and Iranians was, in order to meet exchange and up to the morning-grey celebrate. With a heavy heart they had to give this restaurant up 1992, since due to structural alteration measure the entire building should be torn off. Machalah Owzar, which had completed in the meantime a study at the professional school in Gummersbach within the range engineer nature, began to work in its occupation as automation technicians.

The love for the Persian culture and music, verwurzelte deeply in it, led however to it to take over that it accepted offer in the year 1997 short hand that, a Persian restaurant that "Apadana" that it leads until today with much joy.