Restaurant APADANA
Mauritiussteinweg 53 50676 Köln
Tel. 0221-9231666 _ Mobile: 0163-apadana (2723262)

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Cold Appetizers
Mast Chiar 3,30
Yoghurt with chopped cucumber, herbs and spices
Borani Badenjan 3,80
Yoghurt with roasted aubergine
Mast Musir 3,30
Yoghurt with chopped garlic cloves
Mast Gerdu 3,80
Yoghurt with chopped cucumber, raisins and garlic
Borani Essfenadj 3,30
Yoghurt with steamed spinach, herbs, spices and garlic
Salad Olivier 4,90
Persian-style potato-salad with peas, chicken and pickles
Kukku Sibsamini 3,50
Pancake made of potatoes and eggs
Kukku Bendendjan 4,50
Pancake made of aubergines and eggs
Kukku Sabsi 4,50
Pancake made of vegetables, various herbs and spices
Dolme Barg 4,50
Wine leafs with minced meat filling